10 reasons to sod your lawn

You're an intelligent consumer. You want to understand both sides of a story before making a decision. You want to know the facts about sodding and hydroseeding. 

10. Sod is a mature plant.
You really can't compare turf with seed or hydroseed. Sod is a mature, nurtured and developed plant. Seeds are exactly that--undeveloped, immature plants. It takes us a year or more to grow our seed into the lush, green carpeting that you'll see immediately upon installation. 

9. Sod stops mud immediately. 
If you have children or pets, take our advice: install sod. Seed and hydroseed take so long to cover the mud, you'll end up with half of your new lawn in your living room carpet before the end of the first year. 
8.  Sod stops washouts. 

Have you ever seen the turquoise ribbons of chemicals left in the street by a hydroseeded lawn as it was washed away by a rainstorm? These trails of washouts make a lawn surface bumpy and inhospitable to future grass seed. Sodding helps to control erosion from the minute it is laid.  
7. Sod saves you time. 
Since sod is a mature plant, it needs very little attention until it is a rooted-- about two to four weeks after it is installed. Seed or hydroseed, however, will need your full attention for over a year-- that is, assuming it does not wash out in the first big rain. 

6. Sod saves you frustration. 
Weather affects the outcome of everything you do with grass. There are other considerations in growing a good lawn too--fertilizer, mowing height, etc. At Red Hen, we're the experts, and we know it takes more than one lawn to gain the experience necessary to avoid mistakes in growing grass. 
5. Sod saves you money. 
Water, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizer...all of these grass-growing aids cost money. And many novices will over-apply herbicides, fertilizer and other products while they learn, through trial and error, how to grow their lawn. Allowing professionals to take care of these initial applications will save you a fortune. 
4. Sod looks better because it has better genes. 
Want to win the best lawn award? To do this, you must start with plants that are composed of exceptional genes. Kentucky bluegrass, the only variety grown at Red Hen, offers the best genetics possible. 

3. Sod avoids herbicides.
Everyone agrees that minimizing the amount of chemicals in our lawns makes for a better environment. At Red Hen, we minimize the applications of herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals by taking advantage of our natural climate-- cooler weather with early frosts. If you seed, you will likely need three or more applications of herbicides to keep the weeds from competing with the grass. 
2. Sod is easier to grow on poor soils. 
While you do not need excellent soils to grow sod, if you are beginning your lawn with seed, you will need top quality soils to start the plants off right. Fertilizer and water management become critical when you start from seed on poor soils. It takes more fertilizations to start seed, and it is a rare lawn service that will adjust to these conditions. 
1. Sod is instant. 
No hassle. No nurturing. No wait. Sod is an instant lawn of lush, green turf.




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