Who’s your (lawns’) daddy?

The long term ultimate appearance and performance of your lawn depends on the species and varieties chosen when installed. A lawn can never look any better than the genetics it has no matter how much water or fertilizer you apply. 

For Northern Indiana, there are about 250 varieties of 5 species than can be mixed in millions of combinations to sell as seed that can vary as much as 150% per pound in cost. Your lawn is at the mercy of the builder or contractor he hires to seed your lawn and you won't know what kind of lawn you have until the grass grows in years later.  There's no hiding with sod. You can see what other sodded lawns look like and even make a visit to our sod farm.  As a sod grower, we are constantly evaluating new varieties in order to provide our customers with the hardiest, most disease resistant, and best looking grasses possible.

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